November 16, 2016 -- Moving to new streaming service

For many years I've depended on the streaming service for this site.  It has worked great, and many thanks go out to Patrick at Camstreams in the UK for providing this great service.  However, Camstreams is shutting down at the end of this month.  Fortunately, the good folks at Railcam.UK have graciously offered to host the streaming for the Lawrence Train Cam.  I've completed the move to the new service, but may be making some tweaks over the next days or weeks.  So users of the site should expect some outages and other wierdnesses until everything is fully converted.  With the new streaming service, the stream will be viewable using most modern  browsers, including Chrome and Edge.

September 3, 2015 -- Options for Chrome and Microsoft Edge users

Google Chrome Version 45 is out, and your Chome browser will automatically update (if it hasn't already).  This version has removed the funtionality needed to view the Train Cam.  The Microsoft Edge Browser that ships with Windows 10 also will not view the Train  Cam.  I have communicated with the operator of the streaming servce that I use, and he is working on a permanent solution.  However, he does not know when it will be available.

In the meantime, you may use Internet Explorer or Firefox.  In Windows 10,  Internet Explorer can be lauched from Windows Accessories section of the Start Menu.  You can change your default browser in the Settings App.

April 16, 2015 -- Changes for Google Chrome users

Google has made a change to the Chrome browser in Version 42 that disables the Silverlight plugin.   If you have updated to Version 42, you will see the screen asking you to install Silverlight, even though you have already installed it.  To fix this:

 1) browse  to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

2) turn on the npapi plugin

3) restart Chrome

January 16, 2015 -- Train Cam is Back

.Sorry for the outage over the past few days.  Something went wrong with the streaming encoder software, and it required a complete rebuild of the system to correct.

April 16, 2014 -- where are the lawrence switchers?

.Several watchers have inquired about the status of the Lawrence BNSF switchers, which haven't been seen at the depot for a week or so. 

I caught the BNSF trainmaster at the station this afternoon, and asked him what was going on. He’s moved the switchers and crew to Topeka. He said it made more sense in terms of logistics for them to work from Topeka.

The signal maintainers will move into the space formerly used by the switcher crews.


october 17, 2013 -- Added hardware photo the "About" page.  If you don't see it, hit "Refresh". 

september 10, 2013 -- Added some information and Rail line map the "About" page.  If you don't see it, hit "Refresh".

september 8, 2013 -- Faster Streaming

I've installed a faster computer in order to permit using a faster streaming frame rate and higher audio bit rate for better sound quality.   I'm now streaming the webcam image at 15 frames per second, which should eliminate most of the jerkiness of the moving image.  This will depend on network load here, at the Camstreams server site, and on the viewer's connection.  So there may not be smooth motion at all times. 

Sorry for the downtime this morning while I made this change.  Thanks for your patience.

As always, feedback is welcome at

August 27, 2013 -- New look

I've implemented a new cleaner look for the Lawrence Train Cam page.    Thanks to everyone who watches the Train Cam, and especially to those who have e-mailed me with feedback.  Hope to hear from more of you.

August 27, 2013 -- New webcam and better sound

As you have probably noticed, the Train Cam now has a high-definition 16x9 720p streaming image.  I've moved the microphone outside in order to eliminate extraneous noise from computer fans.  And the streaming is being driven by a faster computer with a better sound card.  I'm still tweaking things, so there may be occasional interruptions.  Please be patient.  If you get the "stream is offline" image, please refresh the page.  (You may need to do this more than once.)

August 27, 2013 -- New URL

The Train Cam is now found at  Please update your bookmarks.  For now, the old URLs will redirect to this page.